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Do you have a NAUGHTY bucket list?


What’s a NAUGHTY bucket list?

We all have those things we think would be sexy to try. Maybe you’ve read them…Fifty Shades of Grey, Bared to You…or maybe you’ve seen them in a movie…or maybe you’ve just dreamed them up. But, if you think really hard about it, we bet you could come up with ONE thing you’d like to try that would make your mom blush! We aren’t talking EXTREME naughty… although THOSE things may be on your bucket list. The three of us agree we don’t mind if Christian and Ana or Gideon and Eva play out the extreme but we are more into things that just start to stretch the boundaries.Image

Crazy Jane dreams of a red classic car – convertible – pulled off the road in a major rain storm. No need to try to get the top up when we could jump in the back seat and go crazy! Yep, pouring rain, in a convertible! So, the Kellan and Kiera scene…. made me sweat!

Image Sunshine claims she is not all that creative when it comes to fantasizing…but would LOVE an elevator romp! Re-read any of Christian and Ana’s elevator scenes as your “How-to” instruction!


Mo is our resident romantic. She said, “…to love and be loved in return. I know…boring! But I have trouble fantastizing!! Eating breakfast with the love of my life…sneaking upstairs for a quickie when my BFFs are in my kitchen!!!! Stealing kisses in the middle of the evening and snuggling on the couch watching funny movies…oh, yeah and MOTORCYCLE! I want to be totally naked on a motorcycle!”

So, ladies, what is on YOUR naughty bucket list? We have more we could share…

but we won’t until you do.

@MrsSexpert inspired this post when she tweeted us to ask us what was on our list. @MrsSexpert is our go-to woman for all things sexy! We have PureRomance products and love them!

She says, ” I’ve got something for everyone. Soft & romantic to spicy & kinky!”

Check out her website HERE! She’s truly got something for everyone! If you mention #ManyShadesSexy when you order, you will receive 10% off! Check her out!!

Finally, want to know what some of our twitter friends say? (and as always follow these awesome Twitter peeps as a thank you for them sharing their deets)

@SexCigarsBooze said “Neck kissing, lip biting, tight hugging, ass grabbing”

@Cocosworld said “There’s nothing like a nice scalp and butt rub…Massages are sinful & Couples massages are highly recommended”

@MrsSexpert said since Fifty Shades she has checked some things off her bucket list: vanilla ice cream, nipple clamps and toys, blindfolds, handcuffs, business tie restraints, ice & wine, but she’d like to try burlesque dancing! WOAH! This is one BUSY woman! :)

@tawnm8 said “Mine would be to join the mile high club”

@allimar17 said, “I have this current hang up with dark hallways…and some blindfold fun”

Happy Bucket Listing, Ladies…Men, jot this stuff down!!

Crazy Jane, Sunshine & Mo

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Mommy Porn? REALLY??!!


So, here’s the thing…

Sunshine, Mo and I pride ourselves in being good moms who make good choices. We aren’t foul-mouthed, drunk, loose women who thrive on the attention our boobs get. We don’t throw ourselves at men shamelessly and we are upstanding members of our community (that’s why we have to keep our identities secret) but we will entertain some on-the-fringe reading and will definitely entertain conversations that play devil’s advocate.

That’s why we are asking YOU what you think about The Fifty Shades series by E.L. JamesBared To You by Sylvia Day , Thoughtless series by S.C. Stephens and any other books that live up to the same HOTNESS quotient! 

Two of our three husbands condemn these books as Mommy Porn and argue that it’s no different than a man sitting down in front of the TV with a beer and porn to chill out from his day. My husband (remember my Introduction?) just rolls his eyes and smiles, knowing the more I read the more he can expect in the sack! Trust me when I say these books do wonders for the sex life! I even know of women who have their husbands read them too so they are both on the same page (no pun intended) when the bedroom door closes.

Sunshine, Mo and I take the stance that women don’t visualize like men do. We think (correct us if we are wrong) that when a man watches porn he is imagining HIMSELF doing those naughty things to the buxom blonde on the screen. So, essentially he is cheating on his wife/girlfriend in his mind. And that imaginary infidelity is what turns women off to their man watching it. Although some of you may entertain the idea of watching it together as a foreplay of sorts.

But here’s our side of the HOT READS story:

We have had lengthy conversations on this topic, sometimes just the three of us and sometimes with our husbands. Two husbands argue back and one just sits, smiles and rolls his eyes thinking, “Dudes, for the love of SEXY, don’t ruin this for yourselves!” LOL

Our position (again, no pun intended) is that women read these books less like an active party within the story but almost as a voyeur watching this love scene play out between TWO OTHER people. Quite honestly I have found that I have connected something in the lead male’s personality to my husband. Sometimes it’s a quality in him that I have taken for granted and I start appreciating a different dimension of the man I love. Our sex has gotten hotter and our adventure in the bedroom has sky rocketed.

Another big difference is the storyline that goes along with these NYT Best Sellers. The male characters are deep. They struggle with many of the same demons we all do. They have insecurities, fears and soft gentle sides that are actually more beautiful and attractive than those steamy sex scenes. Correct me if I’m wrong but I really don’t think any man can watch ‘Long Steve Shlong’ bang the hell out of some nurse and then comment on how many levels the storyline has or how he connects with Mr. Shlong on a deeper level because they both had similar childhoods and painful pasts that makes Steve-O actually a very pained soul working his way through a labyrinth of healing.

And the BIGGEST difference of all….READY?

THE CHARACTERS IN OUR BOOKS ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE! They only exist on pages or e-readers. There are no pictures, no moving breathing people, there is no sound, it is all imaginary. I think there has got to be a psychological aspect to this argument.

In porn, men can start being attracted to a specific actress porn star… he can find more pictures of her on line to satiate his appetite. He can rent a whole series of movies by this one woman. She’s real and this is a different level of attraction because, as stalker-ish as it is, he could conceivably search her out, find her and proposition her… at least in his mind coming face-to-face with Betty Big Boobs is a real possibility.

We can NEVER search for Christian Grey, Gideon Cross or Kellan Kyle in real life. They are not REAL people. We could never meet them and touch them, have our pictures taken with them. There will never be a celebrity sighting of any of these men! THEY ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!

This has to make a huge differentiation in our minds between a HOT READ and MOMMY PORN, right?

Please share this post and tell us your thoughts!

*turns back to page 166 of Thoughtless*

Getting back to the scene in the espresso stand my important reading,

Crazy Jane


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He’s EFFORTLESS: Kellan Kyle

Alright Ladies,

We have another Book Boyfriend!!

If you haven’t read Thoughtless and Effortless, 2 books in S.C. Stephens (almost) 3 book series, you have to dive right in!

Kellan Kyle will be your new Book Boyfriend! Because he’s ours and we have amazing taste!

Our Kellan is Ian Somerhalder with longer hair!


Kellan has a Facebook page and a Twitter account so we have actually “spoken” to him!

Check it out:





Yeah, we’re bragging! Why wouldn’t we? Kellan FREAKIN Kyle was tweeting us.

Thank you Kellan for being our Book Boyfriend!

Thoughtless and Effortless book reviews to come soon…

Now, I need a minute.
Crazy Jane

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